NZ Lure Masters prize boat 2023 received some extra additions
October 17, 2023

NZ Lure Masters prize boat 2023 received some extra additions

After a massive weekend of upgrades and installations, the boat is now equipped with a range of new features to enhance the overall experience on the water. The team at East Coast Marine Electronics has put in a solid effort to ensure a seamless and top-notch installation process.

What's New on the Boat?

The boat now boasts a Fusion headunit and speakers, providing high-quality audio entertainment while out at sea. Additionally, the addition of USB ports makes it convenient to charge devices on the go. The installation of a bigger switch panel and fuse box ensures efficient and organized power distribution.

NZ Lure Masters prize boat

Furthermore, the boat now features 6 drink holders for added convenience, along with 2 more rod holders to accommodate fishing gear. The inclusion of nav lights, a spotlight, and underwater lights enhances visibility and safety during night-time excursions.

The interior of the boat has been upgraded with a full LED strip, providing ample lighting for various activities.

"Special thanks to NZ Lure Masters, Frewza Boats, Garmin, Hunting & Fishing New Zealand, North Shore Honda Marine, and everyone involved in the upgrades. The collaborative effort has truly transformed the boat into a more functional and enjoyable vessel. What a wild experience it has been, and the journey continues with more adventures on the horizon!"

James Belcher, 2023 NZ Lure Masters boat winner.

To enter the NZ Lure Masters competition head over to their website here, NZ LURE MASTERS.