Haines SF700 full rewire and upgrades.
October 06, 2023

Haines SF700 full rewire and upgrades.

Recently, a big job was completed on the Haines SF700, involving a full rewire of the entire system. This upgrade included rewiring the batteries, running new tinned cables to existing lights, adding new lights, wiring in a new toilet, replacing the old dash switch panel, and installing an extra fuse box behind the dash. Additionally, an underwater light was installed to enhance visibility in the water.

Improving Power Supply

One of the key upgrades was replacing the old multiple 1.5mm cables running to the dash with new 10mm tinned cable supply. This upgrade not only improves the efficiency of the electrical system but also ensures a more reliable power supply to all components on the boat.

Enhanced Functionality

As part of the rewire, electric fishing reel sockets, a 12v socket, and USB power outlets were added to provide convenient power sources for various devices and equipment on board. These additions enhance the functionality of the boat and make it easier to power essential electronics while out on the water.

Electric fishing reel plugs

With these upgrades, the Haines SF700 is now equipped with a modern, efficient electrical system that enhances both safety and convenience for the crew. The rewire ensures that all components are working optimally and that the boat is ready for any adventure on the water.